Webhook notifications are never sent ( BC14 CU16 on-premise)


I have a Business Central version 14 with CU16 installed on premise.

My issue is that BC never sends notifications to my webhook endpoint. The subscription gets confirmed, but I never receive any notifications.

Currently, I only have a single webhook subscription on Items:

  "@odata.context": "https://bc14cu16.example.com:8112/BC_WS/api/beta/$metadata#subscriptions",
  "value": [
      "@odata.etag": "W/\"JzQ0O1NxcUlZK215Z0lMTC9KM3ZROCtEQzFFZDVwRVJSbjRyZGpjZmt4L3QvaGM9MTswMDsn\"",
      "subscriptionId": "1805a065a9904b60a682574500704d0d",
      "notificationUrl": "https://outdated.eu.ngrok.io/api/v1/webhooks",
      "resource": "api/beta/companies(2afeb309-724c-4a5f-b628-136151b576e4)/items",
      "userId": "23b7e692-928d-4218-99da-e86b30558c7d",
      "lastModifiedDateTime": "2020-11-18T11:55:26Z",
      "clientState": "SADsA5rT2r1jT4wP",
      "expirationDateTime": "2020-11-21T11:55:26Z"

I can renew and delete the subscription just fine. 

Whenever I update an item or more, nothing is sent to the specified notification URL.

I only receive notifications when I create or renew a subscription.

I've had issues with this previously - with CU04, webhooks didn't work. Spent a lot of time and money on a Microsoft Support ticket, just to learn that is was magically fixed somewhere between CU04 and CU10, since I got notifications while on CU10. 

Now I'm on CU16 and now I don't get any notifications any more. I don't know if it related to the previous issue.

Anyone know how to resolve this issue?

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  • Hello,

    If the subscription is confirmed, then the webhook should be working.

    See if notifications are stuck in the Job queue.

    If they are stuck, then that is the problem.

    In my case, was the docker.

    By default, Docker has Task Scheduler disabled, not allowing Business Central Webhooks notification to be sent, getting stuck on the Job Queue Entries. To solve this conflict and allow Task Scheduler on already created Containers, run the following script as Administrator: 


    Invoke-ScriptInNavContainer -containername <container name> -scriptblock {  

    Set-NavServerConfiguration -ServerInstance BC -KeyName EnableTaskScheduler -KeyValue true  

    Set-NavServerInstance -ServerInstance BC -restart  


    tell me if it helped