Help needed. Timezone difference between web service and server on BC on-prem

Hi Experts,

I really need help on timezone differences on webservices and locale.

I'm currently using BC on premise


  the server timezone is UTC

  user A timezone is GMT+9

  user B timezone is GMT+7

When users call web services via SOAP it will show datetime value in the table on their respective timezone.

However i created a function that automatically allow report creation to pdf and send them via server.

The datetime value on the report using the server timezone.

Is there a way to get the user local timezone and send them to the report ?

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  • Hi Lie,

    There is always a way, even if its not direct!

    As you know, everything is done on on the server and with SOAP, that means EVERYTHING. You have no way to automatically do this, unless of course you would create a server instance per timezone. But if it is just to get a time on the report to printed correctly, then that may be a bit too much. You can call it plan B.

    If we just talk about one report, then I would do it via programming.

    One way could be adding a "timezone" property to your soap call and use this value to change the datetime on the report. Or have a user timezone setup that the report would lookup, based on who the user calling the soap is.

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