Looping through tables and fields in NAV


It's NAV 2013 R2. I'd need to loop through NAV tables to find fields that are disabled (Enabled = 'No') getting data into somewhere as csv, excel, report, etc. 

The result could be as 'table id', 'table name', 'field id', 'field name', 'Enabled' = 'No'

I could loop through tables and fields in SQL but it seems as there is no property as 'Enabled' for fields there. If somebody knows if it could be there then please advise.

I found a nice NAV code as below and tried to use temp table and integer to get the data to show it in a simple report to transfer it to excel after. But, there is nothing showing with an error that the record is already open. Could anybody help with the code and how to get the data.



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