Global Variable Not updating on Report


I created a new Purchase Order report with the dataitem "Purchase Header" and "Purchase Line".

In my Global variables, I've create a Tax1 and Tax2 Variable that breaks down and calculates the total taxes for my Purchase Order.

The tax calculation is happening in the OnAfterGetRecord for the purchase line and within this loop the tax1 and Tax2 are updated.

When I debug, in the "VARIABLES" pane of VS Code, I can see my taxes updating/increasing after each line gets processed, 

When the report appears on screen the Tax1 and Tax2 no longer show the calculated taxes, it shows $0.00. The initial value.

For testing purposes, if I set the Tax1 and Tax2 variable value to 100 in the OnPreReport trigger, the tax1 and tax2 fields will display the 100 on the report.

Any help would be appreciated.