We setup a new development server and when we hit F5, chrome will never open for us.  It works fine on a laptop or another machine with the same code, just not on our new server.


Any ideas on how to fix this or what to look for?

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  • Hi,

    Are you working on the on-premise version, if so then please check what are the configuration setup you are using, check in the administration for the service instance you have set the below settings.

    1. in developer tab check the tick on enable development.

    2. in client window check you have set the web server address like Http:Localhost:8080//servicename 

    if it is a cloud version then check the launch.json file settings. like 

    1. server-- URl of the tenant with the environment as suffix like Sandbox.

    2. environment set as sandbox

    3. SandboxName set as the name of your Sandbox

    4. Tenant name 


    Mohit Malik

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