Move a table from an extension to an other

Hi everyone (excuse me for my bad english),

Someone told me that he cannot move a table created in an extension to an other because GUID of the extension was directly save into the parameters of the table

I'd not the chance to test it by myself already, but I wonder if someone here has have to do that in the past and if he could share me his experience please ?

Thanks a lot !

  • Hi Kichnifou,

    At NavTechDays in November Microsoft said that they are working on make it possible to easily move tables from one extension to another extension. But also that it might not be until the 2020 release wave 2. Exactly how this would work was not mentioned.

    So this someone is correct. It is currently not possible to move tables from one extension to another. At least not easily or "out-of-the-box".

    To do it now, then you have to create a new table in "the other" extension. Then you would copy it using the installation codeunit of "the other" extension. But it would be a different table with a different names, so all references/dependencies have to be updated also.