Migration of data from NAV2017 to BC on cloud

Hi everyone,

We've found ourselve into a situation, that We don't know if the solution is reachable. I'll explain myself.

Imagine an installation of NAV 2017, but we don't have acces to the server, just to the client (no database, no develepment environment...)

We want to transfer all the data from NAV 2017 to Business Central on cloud. In tha NAV 2017 instllation there are just 4 small personalization, that will be developed as extensions for the new version.

Which should be the best way to transfer the data? I'm thinking about rapidStart packages, but I don't see it clearly.... A complete upgrade is not possible, becasue as I've said before, we don't have access to the server...

Any hint?

Thank you very much!!

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