XMLPort Brings Up Browse Window Twice When Importing

In order to bring up browse, I do the following:

XMLPort Property UseRequestPage is Yes.

Request page has an entry for ImportFile, a variable.  The property AssistEdit for this is set to Yes.

In the OnAssistEdit() event handler for ImportFile I have:

ImportFile := FileMgt.OpenFileDialog('File',ImportFile,'csv|*.csv');
currXMLport.FILENAME := ImportFile;

At runtime, this brings up the Request page with a text box with the ellipsis after it.  The ellipsis allows you to go to the Browse pop-up.

After you select a file and clicks OK, it again brings up the Browse pop-up.

I have played with this for a couple of hours.  I either get no Browse pop-up at all or two.  How to get just the one?



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