Error creating a customer via the API in a Belgian company


When i try to create a French customer into my Belgian company via the business central API i receive the following error:

"You must use Enterprise No. for Belgian customers."

the customer i try to create  is not a Belgian one but a French one so i don't  understand why the API give me  this error , here is the Json i use:

{"number":"FRANCETC","displayName":"FRANCE TELECOM","type":"Company","address": {"street":"Bvd de la République,  18","city":"PARIS 01","countryLetterCode":"FR","postalCode":"75001"},"phoneNumber":"","email":"","website":"","taxLiable":"true","currencyCode":"EUR","taxRegistrationNumber":"FR25465458789"}

The api return the error:

{"error":{"code":"Application_DialogException","message":"You must use Enterprise No. for Belgian customers.  CorrelationId:  83921190-e1b5-4731-90cd-9a8e25cc9e22."}} 

Any idea on what i'am doing wrong ?