How to Get Account Name in RDLC and add 3rd and 4th Dimensions

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Thanks in advance for your support,

I am creating a new Layouts like the below:

I tried to get the Account Name (it should be getting from several tables based on the Account type)

Also, I need to add the Third and Fourth Dimensions.

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  • Dear

    Thanks so much still I am not able to achieve it, I did the following to understand the concept with only Vendor and Customer "later I will add the rest"

    case "Source Type" of
    "Source Type"::Customer:
    IF Customer.GET("Source No.") THEN SourceName := Customer.Name;
    "Source Type"::Vendor:
    if Vendor.READPERMISSION then
    if Vendor.GET("Source No.") then SourceName := Vendor.Name;
    But the VS did not recognize what is Customer and Vendor, hence I added a global var as per the below:
            SourceName: Text;
            Customer: Record Customer;
            Vendor: Record Vendor;
    Now the errors disappeared and I am able to add a new Column here 
    dataitem(DataItemName; "Gen. Journal Line")
                RequestFilterFields = "Journal Template Name", "Journal Batch Name", "Document No.";
                // RequestFilterHeading 
                column(SourceName; SourceName)
    As I am a beginner in AL I'm not sure what I did is correct or not,
    I added the new filed to the RDLC file and Published but the, unfortunately, the value appeared on the Preview is BLANK
    Thanks for the help in advance.
    I watched most of DLP courses but I saw it's just quick start and not enough at all.