How to Get Account Name in RDLC and add 3rd and 4th Dimensions

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Thanks in advance for your support,

I am creating a new Layouts like the below:

I tried to get the Account Name (it should be getting from several tables based on the Account type)

Also, I need to add the Third and Fourth Dimensions.

  • Dear Mahmoud,

    For the Name you can use this to get it,

    case "Source Type" of "Source Type"::Customer: IF Customer.READPERMISSION THEN IF Customer.GET("Source No.") THEN SourceName := Customer.Name;

     "Source Type"::Vendor: if Vendor.READPERMISSION then if Vendor.GET("Source No.") then SourceName := Vendor.Name;

     "Source Type"::Employee: if Employee.READPERMISSION then if Employee.GET("Source No.") then SourceName := Employee."Last Name";

     "Source Type"::"Fixed Asset": if FixedAsset.READPERMISSION then if FixedAsset.GET("Source No.") then SourceName := FixedAsset.Description;

     "Source Type"::"Bank Account": if BankAccount.READPERMISSION then if BankAccount.GET("Source No.") then SourceName := BankAccount.Name;

    As for the dimensions

    GLSetup.GET; DimensionSetEntry.RESET; DimensionSetEntry.SETRANGE("Dimension Set ID", "  Gen. Journal Line  " ."Dimension Set ID"); DimensionSetEntry.SETRANGE("Dimension Code",GLSetup."Shortcut Dimension 3 Code"); IF DimensionSetEntry.FINDFIRST THEN BEGIN DimensionSetEntry.CALCFIELDS("Dimension Value Name"); Dimension3Name := DimensionSetEntry."Dimension Value Name"; END;

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