Business Central database stuck in OperationalDataUpgradePending state

Any way to push the state of the database back and forth?

I have just upgraded a NAV2018 database to Business Central (14.0.32600.0) but for some reason the database has reverted to OperationalDataUpgradePending...
The upgrade itself seemed to go as it should. The synchronisation went good, the dataupgrade completed. I restarted, and began adding the danish extenions, but then something happened when installing the; the system stuck and now I am unable to put in any more extensions, or even download symbols to VS Code.
The system itself seems to be running. I can start the client, and even see which extensions are published and which are installed. But I can't put my extensions in.

When trying to install the OIOUBL I get an error "Install-NAVApp : Cannot install apps due to the state of the tenant: OperationalDataUpgradePending."
Then I tried to use Start-NavDataUpgrade, but get "Start-NavDataUpgrade : Cannot start the data upgrade process because tenant version is already the latest application version the tenant database supports (14.0.21441.0). Call Sync-NAVTenant"

I then tried to Sync-NAVTenant but that doesn't seem to do anything. At least I still get the same error when retrying data upgrade.

I've tried messing around with Set-NAVApplication and forcing different versions to see if that might do something. But so far without any luck

Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can proceed? I really don't want to start the entire upgrade process again, and just hope that I don't hit the same problem again...