Create a Freight Calculator Page in AL - Dynamics 365 Business Central


I'm new to AL Language and would like to build a Freight Calculator as project to get started.

I was able to create a Table, a list page and a card page using VS Code. With this created, I also managed to use the Configuration Packages Page to import data into my newly created Table... this was somewhat self explanatory.

Where I'm having a hard time is finding information about the followings:

My Table has 11 columns, Origin City, Service Type, Destination City, Destination Province, Base Rate, then 6 other columns of rates based on weight.

I need to create a UI where the user can select their Origin City, Service Type, Destination City and Province and input the weight that they would like to ship. The result would be the price for the freight.

I understand that this might not be as easy as doing it in c# Winform, but there must be a way.

I'm not looking for someone to write it for me but more info on where to get started.

Thanks in advance.

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