Problem while installing web server components for business central

Hello Team

I've installed Business central on-premise. I'm trying to install web server components too but receiving the following error:

Web Server Components
IIS prerequisites for Web Server Components
An error has occurred while trying to install required dependencies for Web Server components.
For more information about the error, see the %TMP%\Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.WebClient.DependencyInstaller.log file.
For more information about how to install Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Web client, see the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Help.

I gone back and installed IIS URL Rewrite Module\rewrite_2.0_rtw_x64 which is a IIS prerequisites for Web Server Components but still no luck.

By the way I'm using "Windows 10 home edition. Does web server component is supported for Windows 10 home edition? Just curious to know on how to access web client if that is the case?


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  • As says then BC is not supported on Windows 10 Home.

    You would be better of creating a VM using Hyper-V. Then you can install Windows Server 2019 and everything runs smoothly. That's what I did a few years ago. And now I never have any problems running many different version of NAV/BC.

    And you could of course also do it by using Docker containers (just make sure you run Windows 10 release 1809).

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