Problem executing an external program

Hi everyone,

I'm having  a big trouble with a development described in this post. 

I am trying to find other solutions to the issue, and one of them is to reate an exe file that does all the conversions. I cerated the exe file, and when I execuet it with the powershell, it work perfectly.

The next step is to run the exe from NAV, and I'm doing this:

path := 'C:\Users\sein.admin2\Documents\RubricaeApp\RubricaeApp.exe';
process := process.Process;
process.StartInfo.UseShellExecute := FALSE;
process.StartInfo.FileName :=path;
process.StartInfo.Arguments := '';
process.StartInfo.CreateNoWindow := TRUE;

But when I execute, I see this error:

And in the event viewer:

Am I missing any parameter, or doing something wrong?

Thank you very much