Sum table field without flow field

I need to sum a field real time, where Center No is M-150.
I need to do it without flowfield.

I make this, but gives me only 0 as result.

Routing Line table -> new field -> Sum M-150 as decimal field
Routing Line table -> new funcition -> SumTotal150
Variables for this funcion -> RoutLine, datatype is record, subtype is Routing Line


RoutLine.SETCURRENTKEY("Routing No.", "Work Center No.");
RoutLine.SETRANGE("Routing No.","Routing No.");
RoutLine.SETRANGE("Work Center No.", 'M-100');
RoutLine.CALCSUMS("Real Time");

Save this result.

I go to my new field Sum M-150 on validate() and place there name of the function like this -> SumTotal150;

Result is everything 0

Where do I make a mistake?