Webservice time zone in Business Central Cloud

We are creating Webservices for our BC cloud applications.

We need to be able to control the service time zone.

When we search in Microsoft official documents, we can find the following:


You can configure the Services Default Time Zone using the Server Administration Tool, [Business Central Windows PowerShell Cmdlets]((https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/business-central/overview), or by directly editing CustomSettings.config, the configuration file for the relevant Business Central Server instance. The following table describes the possible values for the Services Default Time Zone setting. 


How do we use the Server Administration Tool against the BC cloud? It seems as if the documentation is only aimed at On Premise solutions.

What are the possibilities in the cloud?

Anyone who can point us in the right direction?

  • The reason you cannot find about it, is because it is not possible.

    When you run BC SaaS, then you run in a multi-tenant environment on NST's shared with 1000's of other customers, so here the time zone follows the region/country matching your AAD. If your customers i.e. are using a Danish tenant, then it will use the same time zone settings as every other customers in Denmark. The same goes with any other NST setting. Only Microsoft can change that.