Changed object not reflect on RTC until restart instance.In Navision

 hi..every one

          I am using Navision 2013 R3. i faced  the issue  that any changes in objects are not reflected on RTC until restart the instance. Please give me a solution  for this issue.

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  • Well, there are several issues where you have to restart a Service Tier/instance in order to get a new object "reloaded" but a page is not one of them. So your problem might be related to that if you for instance has changed the Customer list or Customer Card page (where you have added a new field) - and then it does not show up on all users when they select that page.

    BUT, you have to have in mind that 2013 R2 is no longer supported by Microsoft, and if you are not running the latest version, then this might be one of the "bugs" that got fixed in a later version.

    Having said that then the NORMAL simple answer to that is, if you change a page, then in most cases you have to go into "Delete user Personalization", and delete the users own changes to that specific page you have changed get loaded the next time the select your modified page.

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