Posting with the Item Reclass journal and Item Journal via oData or another method


I'm new to the forum, so apologies if this is in the wrong area

I need to post a Item reclass/ item journal via the NAV API. (I'm using oData to currently add entries to the journal, oData doesn't seem to be able to actually "post" it .

I've found POST http://<server address>:<server API port>/<server instance name>/api/beta/companies({id})/journals({id})/ on the NAV api docs online.

I'm not sure how the request should be sent through code as I've previously just used the oData service, also I'm not sure what needs passing through as the {id} as the journal batches don't seem to have an actual "id" of any kind.

Any help would be massively appreciated as I've been stuck on this for days 

Many thanks

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