while initializing payroll year

I'm facing this error while creating payroll year. 

Credit Interval Regular must have a value in Leave Master: Location Code=DED, Salary Plan Code=MTL, Grade Code=c3, Leave Code=AL. It cannot be zero or empty.

thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Santhosh,

    You asked your question in the Developers forum, so I assume that your are a programmer and that you have learned to use the debugger?

    If not, then may I suggest that you use 30 minutes learning how to use the debugger. Then it will only take you a few minutes to the the error next time. If you have activated it with "Break on error", then the debugger will stop and show you exactly where the error is thrown. Then it's really just a matter of tracing the error back to where the faulty condition was created.

    You should also watch 's 18 minute long Youtube video about the debugger, here: