XMLport(import) Node Name vs. Javascript format


Since we cannot declare a same node name in xmlport. Is it okay to have different name in xmlport vs. javascript?

There is a quote from API that I need to import in NAV. There is "courier_type" name that is duplicated.
With the following sample format:

            "success": true,
            "courier_type": "Priority",
            "service_level": "priority",
            "quotes": [
                    "courier_type": "Bonds",
                    "delivery_date": "2018-10-17",
                    "delivery_window": "10:00-13:00",
                    "delivery_window_desc": "10AM-1PM",
                    "price": 24.73

My NAV format is

Will there be no problem when I import the file in NAV?

Thank you in advance.

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