Unable to install package in Business central in production environment though it is successfully installed in sandbox environment.

There is already one extension is installed and published in Production environment.

I have updated code(done more development) in the same package, it is successfully compiled and package created(.app file) in extension folder in sandbox environment.

Now issue is what when I am going to upload that package into production environment, it is getting failed with below error message.

"Deploy Operation rejected. Error: An extension with same App ID and version has already been uploaded. Resolve and deploy again.;"

I tried to change Version in app.json file but it didn't work.

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  • Thanks RedFoxUA and Erik for reply.

    I have successfully deploy extension package.

    What I have done, I have update version change schemaupdate to recreate and publish on sandbox. Again, I have change schemaUpdateMode to "schemaUpdateMode": "Synchronize" and publish on sandbox.

    Now I have upload latest .app file in production environment and it is successfully uploaded.

    P.S : I have not unpublished and uninstall version

    So, there is two extension package with same name but different version.

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