Getting a Base64 codified PDF from WebService

Hi everyone,

I'm doing a developmnet that needs to download a base64 PDF codified from a webService. I call correctly to the WS, and its answer is this one. As you can see. in the node "v1:strEtiquetas" I get the label codified in Base64:

My idea is to save that value in a blob field (sticker) of one of my tables:

For testing that I'm getting all the data correctly, my nex step is to save the PDF in my computer:

But the generated PDF is in blanck, 0kb, empty...

Does anyone see where can I be making any fail?

THnak you very much

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  • Thank you and for your tips, really appreciated!

    I've finally solverd this issue like this:

       lTmpBLob.Blob := lShipment.Sticker;
       lTempServerFileName := lFileManagement.ServerTempFileName('.pdf');
       lFileManagement.DownloadToFile(lTempServerFileName,  'c:\XML\Pegatinas\'+lShipment."No."+'.pdf');

    Thank you again!