How to Set Company Name and Logo in Business Central

Hello Everyone, I want to set my Company name and Logo in Business Central, I'm able to change it from Setting -> My Settings and able to change Company Name but I want to set through AL code, So that, when I build my code and publish Extension then It should be display automatically (Without changing from the Settings)on the main screen. Please check the screenshot. So that you can understand easily where I want to Set My Company Logo and Company Name(Brand Name).


  • Hi Gautam Fidel,

    Not quite sure I understand you.

    When you change Company from Setting -> My Settings, then you the only thing that you really change is which company you should login to next time you logs into NAV. And the name displayed is the name set, for the company you are currently logged into, in the company table. Here it may use the Display Name set for that company.

    What does that have to do with an Extension?

    You may be able to update the Display Name from the extension, but not so much else.

    As to adding a logo to be displayed next to the company name, then that is not possible.

    I did I misunderstand you completely?

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