Adding "" namespace in XMLPort

Hi everyone,

Due to a development in one customer, I've started to get deeper in the desing on the XMLPorts. Until this days, I didn't have any problem with them, but I started to find myself in troubles with the issue of namespaces.

I must create an XML file like this:

As yo can see, in the "ROClientIDHeader" node we can find a "xmlns:" attribute. I tried to design something like this:

defining this namespace:

Adding the tns prefix, the XML file looks like this:

As you cann see, seems to be right, but we don't need the "tns" prefix, also it seems that we don't need to define the "tempuri" namespace. Anyway, if I dont use the prefix, when exportin the XMl, I find this error:

Because I'm trying to define the node this way:

Which should be the way to create the "ROClientIDHeader" node with "xmlns=""" attribute???

Thank you very much