how to add an auto increatement ID on sales order list at the first column ?

Hi experts.

I don't know if you are got such request?

our customer wants to add a new column at the 1st column which is auto increment in sales order list ? And don't need to save a new field in table, just need to show it on the page.

Any suggestion will be warmly appreciated.


  • Hi,

    I think you need to create a new field in the table and then add it to the page and you can set the properties of the page to autoincrement to "Yes" and also Autospiltkey "Yes", so that for every line of the sales order list get incremented automatically.

    For example:

    10000 -  for the first line

    20000- for the second line and it goes on.

    Please mark it as verified if it resolves your issue.


    Bharath K

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