Adding new role centers to an Extension?

I'm sure I have seen it somewhere, but now I simply cannot find any information about it.

But what is the process of adding a new profile/role center when creating an extension? Not talking about the actual role center page, no problem to include the new object. But don't seem to have any functions for exporting the profile configuration data here? Is it a post installation process to add it?

It's for NAV 2018/BC.

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  • Was just checking up on my old threads and saw that this one was still open (i.e. not verified).

    Since then I have found the answers. Sort of.

    What I really where talking about were the profile customization's. The ones made using the Windows client and profile configuration mode. Was really not clear in my question above.

    But the answer to this is to use page customization objects and then using:

    Customizations = MyPageCustomization;

    to specify which customization's belongs to which Profile object.

    Technically it may be possible to use the Windows client to create customization meta directly in the "old way". But as everybody knows, then this may be easy, but debugging/testing it becomes quite difficult. Plus with C/Side and the Windows client on it's way out, then its only a question about time when that option is out of question.

    As to loading data into a standard table with an extension, then that can happen in two ways: Load the data into an extension specific table with the DataPerCompany = false on Extension installation. Data can be exported with the PowerShell CmdLet and just has to be compiled with the extension. Then upon setup of the extension, this data can be copied into the standard tables/fields. The other way is to load the data (again upon setup) via a web services or other external source.

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