Regarding the Posting date in Report 2 Gen Jnl batch-Test

Hi all,

I am really finding it very difficult to sort this problem out. please help me.

I want to know how the last posted date is printed in report 2 and I would like to do the same to item ledger entry table with entry type of sale for all the customer where I want to print only the last posting date using the filter in the request form.

Have anybody earlier has gone through the issues.

Please advise,


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bharath K

  • Not sure what you want to do? Take report 2 and only print the entry using the last posted date?
    This report is only a control report, to check the data you have in your general journal. How come you only need the last posting date? It doesn't use g/l entries (are not created until the journal is posted), so what does this have to do with item ledger entries?

    So not really sure what your question is?