xmlport error handling


i have a xmlport that imports and creates Purchase header/lines from files. One thing i'm missing is the ability to handle errors. For example, when a error occurs the import transaction is stopped. Is there a way of continue importing even if error occurs, and create empty purchase orders for errors?.


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  • I would never import neither sales or purchase orders directly. I would always use an "import buffer" table. Here I would basically first import all the fields in the table, before even trying to evaluate or validate anything.

    When everything is "imported" then I have a validation loop to check for errors (and write these into an error log table), before finally creating the actual sales/purchase headers and lines.

    It's basically the same "flow" as the Data Exchange Framework works. Except you don't need XMLPorts. But here you have the option of working with intermediate tables, as used in the OCR functionality.