Moving cursor to next record after scanning - NAV 2009 R2 Classic

Hi Folks -

I have a form and there is a field called Scan. I am using a hand held scanner and scanning this into the field Scan. After Scanning is there any way to move the cursor to the next record automatically without user hitting the tab or enter key. In other words user will be just scanning and it should automatically be creating records in the table without user intervention.


Any help is highly appreciated.

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  • Have you checked the settings on the scanner itself? If it's a keyboard wedge type, which it sounds like it is, you may have an option to automatically pass Carriage Return and/or Line Feed after each scan. If so and you turn that on it should automatically move to the next field in NAV after each scan. With a WASP scanner I had for instance the instruction book had a page of small barcodes printed in it to turn those functions on or off as well as configure the types of barcodes the scanner would be allowed to scan.