If i print all Prod. Orders the values are 0


I made this report for sort of supervising finished prodction orders. The thing is if i select one prod. order it's Ok, every value is calculated in the right order. However if i don't select one but i let an empty filter, so that all of the production orders would print out i get most of the values 0. These values are pulled form a different table (a record variable) than the one in the data item line. If anyone can help me with this i would realy appriciate it

lp prosen
  • Are you sure that there are no calcfields in this table you are showing?
  • HI Prosen,

    the error is pretty simple. Some how when you call the report, you are displaying calculated values on the form, that are passed to the report, when you run the full report, no values are calculated. Really you need to sit down and redesignt he report, but as Stefan points out, you can probably fix the report by putting the required CALCFIELDS in.