Update ClickOnce Version by Replacing Deployment Files with New Build Files files


how do we update the clickonce clients?

Right now we have clickonce packages on a server xxx.yyy/customer/clickonce/ClickOnceDeploymentFiles/ ...

We know we need to make the new client files available, So that when the User open his ClickOnce the Client will be updates to the new Version. but how?
What I tried till now (2 different ways):
First Way:
- I replaced the .../Deployment/Applicationsfiles folder with the neu CU deployment Files. But I didn't replace the manifest!
- I also updated the manifest version No. with the new Bulid no.
- Also I made the required minim version to be

When the user open his click once is starts normally & nothing happens 

Second Way:
I made a new installation for the new Bulid + I renamed the new Folder to have the same name like the old deployment folder + I deleted the old Deployment folder!
When the user open his click once it gave back an error & it cannot start the client, I have to install ClickOnce then it will work! --> I want to avoid this

So can anyone tell me please how can I make Clickone to update it self once the user open it? We have almost 50 user which uses clickonce, I donot want to make a new deployment! coz if i did so i have to deinstall the old client and reinstall the new client on 50 Pcs.

  • Once they install ClickOnce they have the config file information into there local PC. So just changing the build wont gonna help. Manifest file is the key which contains the entire information. I know its painful to uninstall and reinstall the once click Application Manifest but if you really want to update this then I will suggest to go with this option only as this wont gonna take much time. If you go on changing modifying the existing one you will end up with doing just hit and trials, but this one might sounds crazy doing but for me its the best option with less time.

    If users are really laymen and they even dont know how to uninstall and install a software then you can go ahed with your hit and trials and all.
  • In reply to RockWithNAV:

    Hi RockWithNAv,
    Thank You for your message. But I am really sure there is a way to Update the Client without uninstalling it & then reinstalling it :(.
    I did it in the past one time & know I canot remember how I did it.