the Link Between G/L Register and G/L Entries

Hi all,

I would like to ask if what's is the possible key link of a Record in G/L Register to G/L Entries.

it's because I'm making a report from G/L register that would display the lines in the G/L Entry of the Record In

G/L Register.

but I only got one Entry from the G/L Entries of the Record in G/L register, because I using this filter key

G/L Entry (Entry No.)  > G/L Register(No.)

I want to loop all of the G/L Entries of the Posted line in G/L Register. but I only got 1 Line using the key filtering above

  • You can not use G/L Entry (Entry No.) > G/L Register(No.) - these are different No's!

    In fact, it's not that simple at all - G/L Register has TWO fields: "From Entry No" & "To Entry No" which correspond to G/L Entry (Entry No.)
    ... and 2 additional for VAT Entries in the same manner as above.
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