detailed comments in NAV code

I got a request to add comments like below for each line of code we modify or write

What are your thoughts with pros and cons?


IF (StartDate = 0D) AND (NOT UseEmploymentDate) THEN

  StartDate := WORKDATE;   // If Start Date is Null and the user did not check Use EmploymentDate then use the Workdate


IF (StartDate > EndDate) AND (EndDate <> 0D) THEN 

  ERROR(error2);    // If Start Date is After End Date and the End Date is not null then Error msg

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  • It seems to be a tutorial for Non NAV Individuals. It's just a wastage of time as if some development needs 2 hrs and if you follow this then it will take another 2 Hrs. Doesn't find any value, Instead the one who ask you to do so, you can give him separate 1 hr NAV training each day, at least it will add a more value.
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