How to set data filter for a subpage view?i

Hi Expert.

I got a pb, I created a page ,with integer source table and a subpage part? but I created a record variable and wrote codes on openpage view trigger, but it doesn't work.

i tried the steps below:

1, I created a function in a subpage(purchase order subform), and wrote such function on purchase suborder form:

SetDataFilter(VendorNo : Code[20];StartDate : Date;EndDate : Date)
SETFILTER("Buy-from Vendor No.",VendorNo);
SETFILTER("Document Date",'%1..%2',StartDate,EndDate);

2. Icreated a global function on page (vendor state page).

SetVendorFilter(VendorNo : Code[20];VendorName : Text[100];StartDate : Date;EndDate : Date;AccountNo : Code[1024])
v_poc := VendorNo;
v_zdmc := VendorName;
v_date_b := StartDate;
v_date_d := EndDate;
V_AccNo := AccountNo;

3. I created a process-only report

and filled some varaible on the request page.

Integer - OnPreDataItem()

here I call the vendor statement page, hope get the corrected data for the subpage , but it faild..


Any suggestion will be warmly apprciated.