How to use the advance function of SSRS report?

Hi Experts.

I know there is a new feature of NAV 2016 "SSRS" report tool, I just tested it, I found the basic function is the same as virsual studio, But I found there are some new features, such as we can create a query here, But I think how could pass the Dataset column in the NAV as a parameter to SSRS ? and I can create some store procedure and views to apply the parameter to THESE SP AND VIEWS?  I think in such method, the performance will be improved ?

if I create a credentials using SQL connection directly ,drap some fields to SSRS then save, and go to NAV REPORT , I got such error when I save.


any suggestion will be warmly appreciated.

My version is NAV 2016

  • Advantages of SSRS reports and NAV???

    Well if your company already have their reports inside SSRS, and that the users don't have direct access to NAV, then I maybe I would consider it. But if your reports only contain data, which you already have inside NAV, then using SSRS just gives you a lot more work. Used it a little before NAV 2009, but haven't used it since.

    Just a simple thing like getting filters and flowfields to work will take you much more time than regular RDLC reports.
    Especially if you're not already 100% familar with the datamodel in NAV.

    So my suggestion, unless you have some very strict requirements for SSRS, then forget about. Much better to "native"
    NAV rdlc reports.