Print report from page 31 - NAV 2015


i am new here at DynamicsUser and this is my first post.

I would like to create an easy way to print a custom report (label). The report includes only "Item No.", Description and todays date from the Item tabel.

I think the report i created is ok, but i need an easy way print one or more examples of the report from the Item List.

My dream scenario is an action button on page 31 that opens a small page with a integer field that determines the number of labels to print.

So the user should do the following to print the label(s)

Navigate to the page Item List

Select the item

Click the action item

Enter the number of labels to print (maybe a small page that also displays the "Item No.")

Click OK (Prints the labels and closes the small page)

BTW, im using NAV 2015




  • Hej Kim,
    Velkommen til DUG. Better continue in English.
    Thank you for your post, but is your post a question?

    The overall "design" sounds fine, it should not be too difficult to do. Eventually you could look at the way "report selections" works. I think you could use a similar "setup". Or as you say have a table with the different available label reports.