Can I disable the "Zoom" key for one form - or all

Can I insert C/AL code to selectively restricted the use of the Ctl-F8 "Zoom" key? I want to restrict certain users from using Ctl-F8 key a specific form.

Notwithstanding that, can I restrict a user from using the Ctl-F8 function key on ALL forms?


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    On a form you can achieve this by adding a Menu Button Item with Ctrl+F8 as ShortCutKey. If you don't assign any Action or Code to that menu item nothing will happen when Ctrl+F8 is pressed.

    Am I clever too? [:D]

    Originally posted by PeterD - 2005 Nov 02 :  16:17:40

    You are a genius [:D]

    Only thing is, this disables it for all users. Then youl'd have to disable the button for users that are allowed to zoom.[:I]

    (Groeten aan Tino[8D])
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