Can I disable the "Zoom" key for one form - or all

Can I insert C/AL code to selectively restricted the use of the Ctl-F8 "Zoom" key? I want to restrict certain users from using Ctl-F8 key a specific form.

Notwithstanding that, can I restrict a user from using the Ctl-F8 function key on ALL forms?


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  • Actually Nelson, it can be done (so does that mean I am someone really clever[:I]), but it is not straight forward. Also it is table dependant, not form, since the Ctrl+F8 goes straight to the Table with no reference to the Form.

    All you need is a field in the table with a caption class. When you zoom on the table, a call is made to codeunit 1, and you can add code in here to prevent the field from displaying.

    I suggest to create your own field, "CheckForF8" and modify Codeunit 1
    CaptionClassTranslate(Language : Integer;CaptionExpr : Text[80]) : Text[80]
    CommaPosition := STRPOS(CaptionExpr,',');
    IF (CommaPosition > 0) THEN BEGIN
    CaptionArea := COPYSTR(CaptionExpr,1,CommaPosition - 1);
    CaptionRef := COPYSTR(CaptionExpr,CommaPosition + 1);
    CASE CaptionArea OF
    '1' : EXIT(DimCaptionClassTranslate(Language,CaptionRef));
    '2' : EXIT(VATCaptionClassTranslate(Language,CaptionRef));
    //>> Start Zoom check
    '50000' : RunCtrlF8Check(CaptionRef);

    Then just pass a paramater like '50000,27' to the CaptiionClassParamater. THe code will be called on Zoom, or Table Run from the designer. You can prevent a super user from viewing a table like this.

    THis is really a Tips and Tricks Item, and you can use it for lots of things, like high level table security.

    Hope it helps, let me know.