Can I disable the "Zoom" key for one form - or all

Can I insert C/AL code to selectively restricted the use of the Ctl-F8 "Zoom" key? I want to restrict certain users from using Ctl-F8 key a specific form.

Notwithstanding that, can I restrict a user from using the Ctl-F8 function key on ALL forms?


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  • As for completely preventing a User from using the Zoom functionality, this is possible. It is a matter of permissions.

    There is a System object - 5330 Tools, Zoom - which controls the access of User Groups to this tool.
    If a User does not belong to a Role with permission to access this Object, he will not be able to use the Zoom window - it will be disabled.

    On your original question, there is no way to deny Zoom access on a selective basis. It is an Application wide setting controled only by permissions.
    Unless there is someone really clever [;)] out there who can show us how... [:0]
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