Error codeunit not found while converting 2013 database in nav 2017

Hello everyone,
i am currently upgrading data from nav 2013 to nav 2017.

I get this error while opening the 2013 database on nav 2017 (which contains only tables) that block me from converting :
Codeunit 33000250 does not exist.

this codeunit is not called in any table code ( i verfied by exporting the tables and searching for it).
can someone help me to pass this error?


  • Hi Brahim,
    What are you trying to open the NAV 2013 database with? The Development Environment or the Windows Client?
    Did you complete the upgrade process, run the upgrade codeunits etc.? Or where are you in the process? And which local version are you upgrading to?
  • In reply to Erik P. Ernst:

    Hi Eric,
    I'm trying to open the NAV 2013 database on the Development Environment of NAV 2017 version (10.0.17972).I'm currently blocked in the task of converting the old database to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 format. this step comes directly after deleting all objects except tables from the old database. the problem is among the standard and customised tables there are tables with ID between 33 000 000 and 33 000 999 wich was added by another integration company. i'm facing problems deleting completely these tables from the database because i'm doubting that those are calling the codeunit mentionned in my question.