Nav 2016 - Purchase order fully received and Invoice not deleted

Hi Folks -

One of our customer had a Purchase order with 2 G/L account lines and both these lines were fully received and invoiced

at one go, in other words they were not partially received or invoiced. After both these lines were received and invoiced the PO is still open and is not deleted. There is no customizations as such around this. 

This is the second time this has happened to this customer.

Does anyone know of any existing issue or is there any hotfix for this issue.

Any help is highly appreciated.


  • Hi There
    yes, i have seen this happen on NAV 2015 more than twice and what i have learned is it is happening when the delivery order and invoice posted separately from warehouse receipt and sales invoicing document.What i took as a solution is i just made sure all line items had been fully received and invoiced and just delete the document manually,you can archive it before deletion to be safe.
  • That is standard functionality. The orders stay in the system if you don't invoice it directly from the PO, but via a purchase invoice where you request to import the received lines.

    That's why you have a report 499 "Delete Invoiced Purch. Orders".
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    Thank you Erik.