Looking for a solution for interacting with an old NAV 5.0 Database



I am looking for a solution for interacting (read / write) with an old NAV 5.0 (SP1) Database. The installation uses the legacy format .fdb rather than SQL.

I couldn't find yet any ODBC drivers that would work and no other solution, so any suggestions would be welcome.



  • Hi Cristi,
    Welcome to DUG! You're new here, but it would be great to know a little about your background. Like do you have any NAV experience already, do you work for a user or partner? Just so that we don't waste time suggesting things you already tried. [:)]

    To "interact" with a good old Dynamics NAV 5.0 on the native database, then you had two quite easy ways.

    N/ODBC NAV's native ODBC driver or C/FRONT a SDK for writing dotnet apps to access the database.

    You find NODBC on the installation DVD for the NAV version installed. So you need to find the right version for your database.

    C/FRONT is found in the DevKit folder on the same DVD.

    Finally, depending on exactly what it is that you're trying to do with this interaction, then best practice may be completely different. For example if what you're trying to do, to create sales orders etc., then that could also require additional "things" to happen inside NAV. Like communicating with the message queue.
    Or you could be using XMLPort's inside NAV, to perform the actual import/export of data.
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