How to become a functional MS Dynamics consultant


I am a MS dynamincs NAV recruiter and I have become very interested in learning about NAV and i would like to become a NAV consultant

Do anyone have tips for me on how i can go forward with it? 

What do i need to know in order to become a NAV functional consultant?

Any books or videos can you recommend me?

I have downloaded MS dynamics NAV 2016 software


  • Which domain you want to choose in Functional like Finance, Manufacturing,Warehouse, Supply Chain...

    Decide anyone and then you will get ample of materials on net to study and turn yourself as Functional Consultant.

    Good Luck..
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    Thank you for your advice :)

    Which domain is more desirable to the customers?

    Thanks again
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    If you have no previous background within accounting and have no experience within MRP or warehousing, then that's the first thing you really need to learn.

    You need to know just as much as the users you will be working with. You don't need a degree, but you need to know what they talk about when they ask you for a debit / credit report for income g/l entries. Part of that of course is learning NAV, but if you don't know why your users have to do those things in NAV, then it's going to be a long run up hill.

    In your case, coming from the recruitment industry, then maybe "time and billing" and the NAV job module, combined with NAV's HR module, could give you the advantage to someone right out of collage. But you also need to learn the basics which is the finance module.
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    Hi Erik,

    Thank you so much for your answer!

    It was very helpful:)