Processing the Report is taking more time than usual

Hi guys we've one customized report. This report used to take 10 minutes to process usually that's it. But now its taking more than 1.5 hour and still processing. I verified if it was due to huge data. There's no much data to process, it has usual count of data only.

The report allows to enter data, check if item is available, get tracking number from posted shipment. 

Any idea what might be the issue? Is it due to table lock or any other reason? 

  • Hi Harikiran BM,

    Check is there any repeating loops, if there then you need to reduce repeating loops and Let us know which DataItems you are using like integer.
  • In reply to Tanu Yaduvanshi:

    Hi Harikiran,

    Yes, start as suggested by Tanu with the basics, go over the code. If the report used to run and it's neither an overloaded SQL or NAV server, then the debugger. Set a few breakpoints in the report before you start it.

    If that doesn't show you what is wrong, then you next step would be to start Code Coverage (a tool any Technical NAV consultant should know. It's a great tool for performance optimizations for dummies, like me! Wink
  • In reply to Erik P. Ernst:

    It was an overload. The issue was solved from server team. It was not actually a NAV technical issue. Thank you guys for your suggestions.