Where do I find Navision 2016 training documents

HI All. Who has the navision 2016 training documents ? I just have navision 2009 and 2013。

thanks in advance.



  • Hi. Try books at Amazon. Bar that you need to pay for training material. Sorry. Neil
  • Hi Gary,

    Microsoft basically stopped publishing traditional training materials and requiring certifications for Dynamics NAV 2016.

    Today the association of Dynamics professionals have an alternative certification, but you need to contact them for availability of the training materials. As with books, you still gotta pay for the training material.

    Otherwise just sign up for the training, then you will get the material this way.

    But have you checked out MSDN?

    HThe information about NAV 2016 is not that bad and could be mistaken for training materials. Even if it's not arranged in "courses" then you will be able to find a lot of step-by-step lists etc.

    If you work for a NAV partner, then you may also have access to the Dynamics Learning portal:

    And finally there are the many books about Dynamics NAV available on Amazon etc. as suggested by Neil.