failed Add new field in Resource Ledger Entry Table

Hi All,

I am facing difficulties in adding new column in my Resource ledger entry table.

I tried to go "Object Designer --> Table" ,click on "design" and add new field named "TaskA,TaskB,TaskC,TaskD", 4 new field and defined the datatype.
after that, i click on "Compile".... but just few minutes my navision will closed and when i log in again, i cant even access to my Resource Ledger Entry table. Shows not able to access the table's error. Luckily i try this at testing server.......
The table contains 984,299 line of data. 

Any Idea on why it happened and how to "backup" the table first, and restore it (include the data) when it corrupted while compile in progress?

  • It will be very helpful if you can let me know the version of NAV you are using because newer version of Nav has this object metadata which could be corrupted.
  • Hi Jliang,
    Luckily you've learned not to develop in production! Smile
    An easy way to backup a single object, is to save it as a FOB file before you change.

    Would love to say more about why this happened, knowing your version would really help here. Also in regards to how to make your RLE table readable again. As SBHat wrote, then it might be the metadata, if it's one of the three tier versions. In some versions restarting the NAV server. If you are on the "native" (not SQL) database again other reason may be possible.

    When you try again, start by adding one field and see if you get the error again.
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    Hi sbhatbng,
    my navision is 4.0sp2
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    Hi Erik,
    yeah. is my practice as i don't like to amend the production server directly. Especially i am really a newbie in NAV field with 0 knowledge. This forum is my guides for me to do any changes inside.

    my NAV version is 4.0 sp2. Is a very old version of navision. The SQL database is microsoft SQL server 2000.

    Ok, i will export my database table to .fob file. How about the data inside? possible to backup / export and import back if my table corrupted and replaced with the old .fob file?
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    Hi Jliang,
    Navision 4.0 SP2? Yes that's an old one. And a little strange it's SP2, basically everyone else I know with version 4 are running SP3 (latest build). Because without it, then it does run on any Windows versions since Vista. Are you sure it's not SP3 (even if the Application is SP2)?
    Normally I would recommend anyone with a similar issue, to upgrade to latest build. But I don't think SP3 would fix it. Typically severe errors, like the one you mention, have been fixed in later builds. I guess that upgrading is NOT an option?
    You cannot backup a single table (well you could with some "smart" SQL script - but I don't want to go there) - only the full database. Personally I have only experienced something similar a few times in the last 25+ years that I have been working with Navision. So generally it's not something to worry about. As long as you never program directly in a production database. Smile
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    Hi Erik,

    yes, confirmed is 4.0 sp2. I am running the navision on windows server 2003, connect the client thru citrix.


    Yeap, upgrade is not an option for me... too many customization table inside and the database file is too big for me to do the backup. it is over 150GB ... i am headache on this issue also....

    I am worried because i need to applied the changes to my production server.....

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    Typically even if upgrading to a newer version is not possible, then I have never seen someone on NAV 4.0, who couldn't upgrade to NAV 4.0 SP3. You only need to replace the client installation. Even if Windows Vista+ is not a problem to you, then it may just fix the issue you had with a corrupted table.
    Btw. were you able to view the content of the table via a SQL SELECT statement?
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    Hi Erik,
    I not yet try to access to SQL server.
    How if i could access the SQL table? Still can "save" my data?

    I had restored my testing server and will do another round of testing soon, once the problem occur i will try to look into SQL Server and try to view the content via SQL "Select * from "... to see if i could get the data or not. Wish me good luck
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    So you use the "native" database? Then it sounds even stranger. Normally that was indestructible!
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    Hi Erik,
    what is "native" database?
    My Navision Server actually is a Virtual Machine, and I had a copy of previous backup (whole VM) and act as my testing server. Every time i test something i will go to this testing server and once it corrupted, i just need to restore it using the previous backup.
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    In the really old days, Navision only got created, because 3 collage kids had created what they thought was the most incredible database ever. They tried to sell this database to IBM in Denmark. To convinced them how great it was, then they created a "sample" application instead. That was the first version of Navision (actually called PC-Plus) in 1984.
    Not until very later it became optional to use Microsoft SQL Server has the database for NAV.

    All the way up to version 2009 you could (can) use this original and so-called native Navision server.
    You can read more about these "old versions" here:

    Additionally these old "pre role center" versions, were all "just" client/server. Which means a client and a database server. So here what you call your "Navision Server", then that's actually your native database server. The alternative would be if you had a SQL Server installed also on each VM.

    Today NAV is three tier. That means we have a client, an application server and a database server. The application server is NOT to be confused with what we call NAS in the classic versions. That's basically just another client.
    But today if you say Navision server, then what most people understand is the NAV service/server in the middle. Smile
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    Yes, that database was so indestructible that even a salesman couldn't destroy it :-) I ran demo's for years on it, and my biggest challenge was that folks with technical insight often believed the demo to be "canned" – i.e. a prerecorded presentation, not a live demo. They simply couldn't believe the functionality. In many ways, the native database is still superior to anything else out there ... but other requirements eventually spelled out the end. Some of the technical folks in this group can no doubt explain that :-)
  • Hi Jliang,
    Did any of the suggestions help you? Did you get your field in table? If yes, please click "This helped me" on those post(s). This way the post is marked "Verified" and other users may see which post helped you. Thank you in advanced. Smile
    If not, please let us know how to help you.