NAV 2016 Disable "Print and Send" for a particular page

Hi all,

Does anyone know if there's a way to disable "Print and Send" for a specific page in NAV 2016?

I've tried creating a blank template, which effectively blocks Word (when Word opens, there's an error message, which is fine). But it doesn't block "Print" or "Email" - those 2 functions use some other template, and I don't know if that can be overridden or bypassed.

Debugging didn't trap for any trigger anywhere that I could intercept either.

Any ideas out there?



  • Use the Enabled property of the page. In the user setup create a field Print and Send Allowed and create a function called PrintandSend(return value :Boolean)
    if usersetup."print and send" then

    In you specific page OnOpenPage and OnAftergetrecord add the below code
    Declare a global variable called PrintandSendcheck
    Printandsendcheck := PrintandSend.

    In the Enabled property of Print and Send add PrintandSendCheck.

    If user has permission on user setup then it will enable this print and send else it will be disabled.
  • In reply to sbhatbng:

    Nice Idea, but I don't believe the "Print and Send" action has an action that you can access the properties on. HOWEVER, I did figure out a workaround. I created a blank style sheet and imported that style sheet under "Manage Style Sheets" for that page only. I imported it 3 times, once for EXCEL.EXE, once for WINWORD.EXE and once for IEXPLORE.EXE. Ctl-P now prints a blank page (with a footer). Same for email. Word and Excel open up with a style sheet error, which is OK for us.

    Thanks for the ideas.