Link Action In NAV 2016.

In NAV 2009 every ledger entry we can link any Docs (Excel, Word File, etc) But in NAV 2016 This link Action not Used for every ledger entry. Please suggest me solution.

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  • In NAV 2016 in Item ledger entry links can be only viewed for the links which are sent while posting the transaction. What you could do is create a new table with 2 fields Entry no. and another field Link reference of text. On the Item ledger entries page on the ribbon you will have create a new item called Custom Links and taking the entry no. as the key you will have to open a page for the new table you created and then using File management code allow user to attach single or multiple links to each entry in item ledger and as the last step create a hyperlink to the links you just stored in your new table such that when user clicks on the links it takes the user to the appropriate document.