Filter locations in a matrix

Dear all,

I have prepared a form (source table : Item) and attached a matrix to it (Matrix Source Table : Location).

All this works fine, only that I don't want to see all 40 available locations, but only 5 of them.

How can I filter the locations that only shows these 5 locations with the relevant data on the screen?

Thank you for your help.


  • Hi Peter,
    Welcome to DUG.

    Normally you just apply a SETFILTER or SETRANGE to the Location table.
    But what did you try so far?
  • In reply to Erik P. Ernst:

    Hi Erik,
    Thank you for your reply.
    I have tried setfilter and setrange. But I can't set the filter on the "MatrixSourceTable".
    This table is not shown in the "C/AL Symbol Menu". However it is shown in
    "CurrForm|Controls|MatrixBox". But there I can't set the filter.
    Is there a way around it?
    Thanks, Peter.